How to export StackOverflow data?

I wanted to show my StackOverflow posts on my personal website with links to the original question. There are multiple options to get the data.

  1. stackexchange api
  2. stackexchange dataexplorer

StackExchange data explorer exposes the data using SQL syntax. The home page has a set of already created queries. For me, all I wanted was a way to get my answers in descending order of score and some details about the question. Here is how one can get that

Go to compose query in and use the following query in the query page

DECLARE @UserId int = ##UserId##
  answ.Id "AnswerID",
  q.Id "QuestionID",
  answ.Body "AnswerBody",
  q.Body "QuestionBody",
  answ.Score "AnswerScore",
  q.Score "QuestionScore",
  answ.CreationDate "AnswerDate",
  q.CreationDate "QuestionDate"
  Posts answ JOIN Posts q on q.Id = answ.ParentId
  answ.PostTypeID =  2 AND answ.OwnerUserId = @UserID
ORDER BY answ.Score DESC

The user id can be passed as a parameter.

OR you can check out the same here